Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Celebrating A Day of Good Gifts

Today was a fantastic day and perhaps just in contrast to yesterday which was possibly one of the hardest of my life. Having nursed both kids back to health alone I found myself with their stomach flu. It is nearly impossible to be a mom (even a bad, watch-5-movies, use the pacifier-all-day, go-to-bed-way-too-early mom) when you are battling a stomach bug. So, when I woke up today feeling more like myself and finally having happy kids, we celebrated the gift of HEALTH!
Then we got a fun birthday package from Grandma and Grandpa. Delia loves pushing this new shopping cart around and Ella loves making our grocery store an even more fun thing to play now. Ella also loves to remind Delia that she needs to share (even though I think Delia got about 2 pushes on the cart before Ella took it over for the rest of the day!) I built it myself...with a screwdriver and a hammer. Aren't you impressed?

And the last and best gift we celebrated today was one we just learned about: a new nephew/cousin! Dave's sister Kristen left for the hospital with the birth mom this morning, participated in his labor and birth and welcomed Cole Jacob Jayden around 7:30 tonight. Jacob is named for Eric's grandpa and Jayden is the name the birth mom gave him while she carried him. This perfect little guy finally makes Kris and Eric parents and he is such a blessing! Please continue to pray with our family as the birth mom does exercise her right to take him home for 72 hours. He'll be returned to Kristen and Eric on Saturday. Pray for days that go quickly and peace.


the girard family said...

Congratulations on your sweet little nephew! He's adorable.

Teri and family

Linking Lines said...

So glad you are feeling better! Mom's deserve a gigantic medal after being sick (or even a vacation somewhere exotic). Congrats on the new nephew. How exciting! Our worship leader just adopted a little boy and the whole process is just amazing! Ryan's on SERVE this week so we look forward to having him home. Hopefully we'll be able to post new pictures once he returns with his computer!

Sarah VB said...

Congratulations on your new little nephew! How exciting it must have been to hear about his arrival! What a precious gift he is. (:

The Gilmores said...

What a beautiful boy. Our prayers are with you all!
Rest in God's Peace & perfect plan!