Saturday, July 19, 2008

"Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" Week

I went into my Dave-less week with a pretty good attitude. I dubbed our days without him "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" Week and stuffed our calendar with play dates, outings and road trips. Of course, several cancellations were required when we got sick for the first part of the week, but since then we've been livin' it up!

First up was a gracious invitation from Amy and Jonathan to join their MOPS group for a morning of Water Fun. Spread all over the church's lawn was a variety of ways kids could have fun getting wet: slip n' slide, sprinklers, bubbles, pools, etc. After this perfect summer activity we went out for lunch together to a fun restaurant called the Lunch Pail. With walls covered with antique metal lunch boxes and a great menu of soups and specialty sandwiches, this was a treat!

Next we shared, not one, but two days and meals with Jetta and the kids. The first was a scheduled play date, the second was an impromptu get-together when swim day was cancelled. The kids swam "Oakie" style in a big, metal trough filled with water. I loved hearing Ella's laugh as she played energetically with her friends. The combination of dirt she crawled through, water she played in and sticky, fresh fruit juice she let run down her tummy left Delia the dirtiest she's ever been in her life. Good thing she was stripped down to a diaper (this is a required uniform for those under the age of 2 at Jetta's house!) Then we sat out on the porch and munched BBQ chicken pizza and homemade frozen yogurt pops.

The grand finale to our "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!" Week was a road trip down south to see the Girards. Ella got to have a sleepover in Beth and Allie's room (which was only enhanced by the princess sleeping bag she borrowed!) The kids did great playing together, so much so that I actually saw little of Ella! She was too busy running around in their beautiful back yard, dressing up, playing "school," "house" and "Mt. Hermon" and doing crafts with her buddies. Our friends always welcome and care for us so warmly when we visit.

Dave is scheduled to return Saturday night. Is it Saturday already? My how time flies when you're having so much fun! :)

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The Gilmores said...

For having such a busy Dadddy, you girls do find a lot of fun ways to pass the time. What a blessing all those friends are!