Thursday, July 10, 2008

An Early Gift for Our Birthday Girl

This year Dave and I picked out a grand gift to celebrate Delia's first year of life. We got her the Storybook Cottage play house. Desiring more outside toys and finding this one half off encouraged us to buy this special present. Dave needed to help build it and wanted to watch the girls enjoy it a bit, so we gave it to Delia early (and we were just SO excited too!) Delia immediately was all over her new house: opening and closing the door, crawling out the secret fireplace passageway and climbing any part of it she could get on. Ella thinks it's a present for her too and quickly made it homey inside, adding pillows and dishes to play "house." I think back to all the sheet-covered card tables my sister and I set up as houses during long summer days of play in our backyard. I know this will be something the girls will grow into-- playing, imagining and bonding together!


Jonathan said...

Ella and Delia,

This is SUCH a great house! Wow!

Can't wait to see you both tomorrow!


The Gilmores said...

What an awesome gift! Looks like just the thing for this curious and playful 1-year-old!