Thursday, October 16, 2008

Embracing Our Inner Bear Grylls

We've been watching it being built for about a year now. This week the new Bass Pro Shop is finally celebrating its Grand Opening! This is a big deal. We live in the land of farmers, NRA and cowboys. Fishing and especially hunting are a way of life. Everyone we know was planning on visiting this Outdoor World today-- some were even there when the doors opened this morning. We laughed as we heard traffic reports telling us alternative routes to take to avoid the masses that were pouring into the new store.

We wandered around in awe. For those who have never been in a Bass Pro Shop it is almost indescribable. Every single thing you could possibly need to survive outdoors is sold here. The merchandise is a distant second to the decor, though (in my opinion). It is a taxidermist's dream with stuffed animals EVERYWHERE. A giant sequoia you can walk though, waterfalls, fish ponds, camping set-ups and an actual shooting arcade are some of the "attractions."

Ella loved testing out the cot in this camping scene. She also cuddled up with this stuffed raccoon. Dave was itching to try the shooting arcade, but surprisingly our brave (yet tender-hearted) Ella freaked out at the idea of him shooting things.

Delia loved the big trout swimming around this pond.

Look very close and see if you can find Dave and Ella in the waterfalls...

Pretending to drive the boats in the boat show room was a lot of fun too. If we win the $25,000 shopping spree we registered for, we'll get this one! ;)

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The Gilmores said...

You guys always find the most creative field trips in your neck of the woods! If you start picking up fishing, then we will say byebye city folk!