Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's a Girl for Amy #1!

A week ago I had three good friends who were pregnant. Coincidentally they are all named Amy! Amy (Jared's mom) had her baby last Wednesday, a beautiful baby girl named Jayci. Amy #2 (Nick's Amy) was due yesterday and Amy #3 (Jonathan's mom) still has a few months. Today we got to walk over and meet this precious little girl. Jayci is the perfect angel so far, sleeping constantly and crying rarely. Ella's buddy Jared is doing great at being a big brother too.

As we prayed for Jared and talked about his new baby this week, I retold Ella the story of how Jared is her very special friend. There are not too many people about which you can say, "I have known you every day of my life." Amy and I were in the hospital together and Ella and Jared met when they were newborns. We are so blessed that this friendship has grown and gotten stronger...and now Delia has a little buddy from their family too!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Amy and family! What a pretty little girl - with a head of dark hair! I am anxious to hear about Nick & Amy also.
How fun for Ella to have a good friend since birth. And how is Amy #3 doing? Everything going well?

The Gilmores said...

Ok, this is so sweet. Ella & Jared are already a couple. I'm envisioning them at their wedding and someone telling this story about knowing each other their WHOLE lives!