Saturday, November 1, 2008

Harvest Party: Lower Numbers Prove More Fun!

Last night Dave and his youth group once again hosted the Harvest Party at our church. We love this trick-or-treating alternative! I smile thinking about the tradition we're setting for our girls. Ella and Delia will grow up thinking Halloween means joining with church family to laugh, dress-up, eat pizza, play games and win candy. Because of teacher convention and a long weekend for our students, attendance was definitely lower. Dave made sure those of us who attended still had plenty of fun, though!

Delia was NOT so down with her ladybug costume when we first put it on, but warmed up to it just fine. She spent the whole night wandering around, taking in all the activity, shaking her box of Nerds and charming people.

This year there were whole group events every half hour. Potato sack races, apple bobbing and this pie-eating contest were great hits!

No surprises here, Ella spent the majority of the night at the painting station. She painted 5 pumpkins and had as many things painted on her face as would fit!

My favorite costume was a high school gal who made a perfect Sarah Palin. And though Ella attempted to solicit votes with an elaborate hip-wiggling hula dance on the stage while Dave talked, it was Delia who toddled away with the "Best Costume" award in the concluding costume parade!

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The Gilmores said...

We love the costumes - very Gilmore! It's funny, our fave costume we saw was a Sarah Palin lookalike too. It must be our mutual love for MAVERICKS!

Glad you had some harvest party fun.

Dorina & the Veggie Tale gang