Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Longer List

At today's Thanksgiving table, our hostess had us think of our blessings in terms of corn kernels. We looked at the small handful we had on our plates (which was a lot for the Pilgrims) and compared that to the bountiful feast spread across our table. I know the blessings in my life are just as bountiful and I can't resist sharing a few more...

I'm thankful for my handsome nephews. For the gift that baby Cole is, for Calvin's wit, Aidan's zest and Theoren's cuddliness. I'm thankful that Ella, even from a distance, knows and loves her cousins and that Calvin and Karen are coming to visit in February!

I'm thankful for Dave. That he works so hard all day and rarely takes a day off, yet always comes home with enough energy to romp around with the kids. I'm thankful that Dave's idea of winding down is sitting outside reading some crazy, classic piece of literature, like Orwell's 1984 and smoking a pipe.

I'm thankful for the loving big sister that Ella is. Most days, Ella is great about sharing her toys and incorporating Delia into her play. She makes her little sister laugh and showers her with affection.

I'm thankful for the joy that Delia brings us each day and that, thanks to some sleep tweaking, I am awake and energetic enough to enjoy it now! She's slept straight through the night for half a year now. I'm thankful for a regular full night's sleep. This is so wonderful, I barely remember the sleep deprivation of her first year!

At today's table, Dave said he was thankful for the wide array of friends we have all over the place. That our holiday letters went out to friends and family in 13 different states and that old/new friends Lloyd and Heidi embraced and hosted us this Thanksgiving.

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The Gilmores said...

What a sweet post! So thoughtful and a great prompt for me to reflect on all the similar things I'm thankful for as well...