Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Odds & Ends

Have you been able to keep up with my mad blogging? :) With the vacation and holiday I just have so much to record! Here are a few more Christmas thoughts/memories I wanted to share...

Knowing we'd be getting lots of gifts from Aunties and Uncles, Dave and I didn't really get the girls individual presents from us. Instead we helped Ella and Delia pick out one present for each other-- this also worked well to emphasize the joy of giving to Ella. She got Delia a baby that cries and cooes. Delia got Ella an umbrella.

One of the best moments of present unwrapping was Ella excitedly giving us the gift she made and wrapped herself at preschool. It was an ornament with her picture in it. It was my best gift this year!

On the 25th we enjoyed a Very VM Christmas with our church family who we just happen to share a last name with. Grandpa Ed brought his old firetruck for rides and carolling and our host cleaned out his shop so the kids could ride bikes and scooters. It was a great day. You know we adore everyone in this huge group and are so thankful to be included.

Ella and Delia have been *loving* this easel from Grandpa and Grandma. Oh, the masterpieces to come!

And thank you all for the stack of cards we retrieve from our mailbox each day. We enjoy reading your updates and displaying your pictures-- we're running out of room, though!
And to conclude, a Christmas quote:
Dave was reading the Luke 2 story to us and asking Ella questions along the way. When he asked her who Joseph was she replied, "Joseph is the only one who is allowed to touch the hay."


Anonymous said...

Dad & I laughed so hard about your Joseph story. She is learning so much in preschool...don't eat the hay...only Joseph can touch the hay!! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas. So did we. Enjoy all of your after Christmas shopping. Love,


Wicker Family said...

Merry Christmas! Now that our company has left I'm taking a breath and trying to catch up on all the computer things I didn't do. I love reading your blog and seeing your girls. I LOVED your idea of having your girls GIVE gifts. That was decidedly lacking for my kids this Christmas. I will be emphasizing that next year. I loved your comment on our pirate post. You caught every detail - even the Mr. Potato Head earring:-)

The Gilmores said...

How fun - we spot our card there in the middle of your "card tree." Love the Joseph quote. So quotable. Happy New Year, friends!