Thursday, December 11, 2008

Proud Parents

Tonight Ella's preschool performed their Christmas Program. Little Ella was too cute singing her heart out in the choir. Her hands stayed clenched in front of her (even when she itched her nose!). There was an adorable star, funny wise men and a Mary who even dropped the Baby Jesus doll, but we couldn't take our eyes off Ella and our cheeks hurt from smiling so widely!

They've been practicing this program for weeks and weeks. Today when Dave picked up Ella from school her teachers said, "Remind Ella not to play with or eat the hay from Jesus' manger." We thought this was hilarious. I'm pleased to report that Ella ignored the tempting hay for the performance!

Here are Ella's stellar teachers, Miss Debbie and Miss Jenny. How they get 50 three and four year olds to stand so still, sing so enthusiastically and say lines/sing solos so perfectly, I'll never know and forever admire!

This is Ella's "favorite friend" Oliva. They met at orientation this summer, were drawn to each other, hugged and remain good pals. We were blessed to have a number of church friends and family come to the program to see Ella, like Pastor Bruce, Julie and kids and Gramma Jean.

Of course, we had to celebrate a job well done with some ice cream. Since Delia was home with the sitter, Ella was all-too happy to soak in lots of attention from Mommy and Daddy on our "date."


Jonathan said...

Congrats on a job well done, Ella! You look awfully cute. Maybe someday when Jonathan will sing a song that someone else made up, he can be in a program. too. :)

Jonathan's mom

Anonymous said...

Good job, Ella! Sure wish we could have been there too. We are so thankful for your stand-in family. Sounds like Ella recieved plenty of attention. Of course - you had to go out for ice cream to celebrate!

MOM / proud Grandma

The Gilmores said...

How fun - Ella's first program! We love the eating hay bit. So classic for this age...