Monday, December 22, 2008

Sorry Giraffes, I Have a New Favorite Animal...

On a return visit to the zoo this morning, we spent a huge amount of time watching the koalas. They sleep for 20 hours a day, but we caught them active at breakfast time. There have been so many moments of wonder and great memories made on this trip, but this will be a favorite for-sure.

A mama and a BABY!! I tried to show Delia that this is how I want her to cuddle with me...all the time, like the koala. We watched this baby never let go of its mom. Junior even got a ride on mama's back.

Sorry, can't figure out how to flip this video, but you'll get the idea.


Jonathan said...

Jonathan's down for his nap, but he's going to LOVE this post when I show it to him. :)

KyleVM said...

The koala was one of my favorite animals growing up. I haven't seen one in's kind of weird actually and it moves so strangely.

I did think the picture of Dave consoling Ella with the birds was cute, especially when compared with Delia's expression in the next picture.

It looks like you guys had a great time, and I'm so excited to see more pictures and hear more about it.

--Uncle Kyle