Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Little Miracle

I've known my friend Amy for about 2 years now. We connected instantly with much in common as Christians, teachers and moms with similar parenting styles. I'll also credit Amy with the inspiration for starting this blog. As I got to know Amy, I watched her family battle infertility and pursue adoption. Then I cried happy tears with her the day she told me she was shockingly pregnant! Today my heart was filled with happiness when I got to visit her in the hospital and hold her precious Grace. I listened to Grace's story and heard Amy testify, once again, what "a little miracle" she is. Weighing in a whopping 10 pounds .2 ounces, she's a miracle in other ways too-- delivered naturally! Doesn't Amy look stunning considering she gave birth to a 10 pound baby yesterday? :)

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Jonathan's Mom said...

Your post touched my heart, my friend! Thank you for enjoying and celebrating God's blessings with us! It meant so much that you visited in the hospital.