Thursday, April 19, 2007

Don't Worry-- She'll Do Great!

Today we revived our playgroup and had everyone over at our house to play. A highlight was that my friend Jamie (who has been on bed rest for weeks) came with her new daughter Brittany-- born less than a week ago! It was very fun to hold such a tiny baby and see Ella's positive reaction. She did great and seemed to instinctively know to be gentle and soft around this tiny person. Ella happily caressed her head and whispered to her. She also wanted very badly to give the baby a bottle and hold her. I am confident we have a great big sister here on our hands!
Ella was so excited for her "frens" to come over, she spent a good part of the morning watching out the window for their arrival!

Baby Brittany being loved by an oh-so-caring Ella.

Enjoying a finger Jello snack with Jared.

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