Thursday, June 7, 2007

Big Tummies, Life Lessons and Clean Windows

Betcha can't guess which one of us is carrying the twins! Can you believe how much bigger one extra baby makes you?
Since many friends and family have been asking, I thought I'd post a little pregnancy update for me and my friend Jetta. Jetta is uncomfortable, tired, sore, growing and stretching by the day, and completely ready to be done with this difficult pregnancy. Through this experience, she has learned many lessons about trust, faith and surrender to God. After scheduling a C-Section for June 12 (because of the position of the babies)-- something Jetta was extremely hesitant to do, she has recently learned that both her babies are head down. Her doctor has given her the go-ahead for a natural birth, which she favors and has done with her other 4 children. She runs about 2 weeks late with her pregnancies and says she will kill me if I have my baby first (which I may, I'm early and we're due at the same time!) I, on the other hand, do feel large and uncomfortable, but am having the easiest pregnancy in the world compared to my friend. My doctor appointment on Tuesday confirmed that everything with me and the baby seems just right. My doctor even told me I don't even have to see him for another 2 weeks! Our baby has flipped and is no longer breech. Her heartbeat was strong, though still "sounded like a boy's" according to Dr. Pont. We are just counting down now, as it could be a matter of weeks. So now I am just dealing with pregnancy's strangest side effect-- that nesting instinct. I am packed for the hospital, the plans for Ella's care are all set, the new baby clothes are in the closet and the windows are clean (weird I know, but this just had to be done before the baby arrived!) Next on the list is cleaning the carpets, oh help! Please continue to keep Dave, Ella and I, and especially Jetta, in your prayers as we look forward to our new arrivals!

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