Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Faces

This really was a wonderful zoo and a great pick for a family outing. Just look at these happy faces...
The last thing Ella and I did was take a sky ride over the zoo. This was a completely unique and awesome experience. We viewed giraffes and elephants from above and saw animals like lions and tigers that are usually hiding from the public in their habitats. We also caught a glimpse of the bay while we flew!

Delia gets a better view of the alligators being fed giant rats.

Delia cracked us up by running up to each of the goats in the petting zoo and yelling, "Moo!" at them. This was something she recently learned and was eager to try out her barnyard lingo.

The aforementioned amazing bug exhibit also had this fun playground.

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the girard family said...

Hi Jen! It looks like you had a wonderful family day at the zoo. We have always heard such great things about the Oakland Zoo, but we've never made it there. Maybe someday...

Love you,