Sunday, September 7, 2008

Last Week's Labor Day Breakfast

So, do you want to know how we spent our Labor Day? A week has passed, but I'll still regale you with the details. (Thanks to my friend Julie for sharing the following pictures!) It is tradition to spend Labor Day at AnnaJean's dairy. She hosts a giant breakfast for all the VMs. This year we counted off at 60 present. Imagine the buffet that is set when 60 people are bringing breakfast casseroles, bacon, sausage, sticky buns, French toast, Dutch pancakes and fresh fruit! I am not kidding when I tell you that the meal I ate at 10:00am was the only meal I ate the entire day. I overheard someone say, as they were digging into their breakfast feast, "I look forward to this day all year."

We eat, we fellowship, we play ladder ball, we tour the dairy and check out the brand new baby calves, then we watch the kids roll around in the cotton seed. This was actually a first for us. The feeding of cows is apparently a science. Besides silage (ground corn), to their diet is also added all sorts of other nutrients, like almond husks and this cotton seed. The kids found the giant piles of feed in the back of a barn and had a great time climbing it, rolling down it and yanking stuck legs out of it.

Our full day of food and fun with our adopted family ended with a group swim-- the perfect way to conclude a day where we did the opposite of "labor."


Anonymous said...

It is so fun to see Delia in there with the "big kids", having fun. Sounds like a good time was had by all - lots of good food, fun and games. We just saw people playing that ladder game in NC. So glad that you had a good time with your adopted family.

The Gilmores said...

Only in Central California could you have this kind of Dairy-devoted Labor Day in the sun. Sounds scrumptious!