Saturday, April 18, 2009

First the Happy Post

Get ready for lots of zoo posts because yesterday we became members of the Oakland Zoo! If you regularly read this blog, you know a few things about us. One, we are always on the lookout for a good outing or day trip. Two, we love, love, LOVE the zoo. The bulk of Delia's vocabulary is animal names and sounds. She can spot any dog, cat or bird that comes anywhere within the vicinity of our house and points out every cow we pass while driving. I call Ella "Fern" (from Charlotte's Web) because she and anything furry seem drawn to each other. She talks about becoming a veterinarian or pet shop owner when she grows up. Our girls are such animal fanatics, Dave and I regularly lament the fact that they will not grow up experiencing a world-class zoo right next door, as we did. We really like the about-an-hour-away Oakland Zoo and thought this was a good idea. Come visit us and we'll take you too!

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Linking Lines said...

So sorry about the accident! Thankfully kids bounce back quick and it looks like she's not too fazed about it now (girls are always ready to show off a new fashion aren't they?? (; ) ER visits are torture for parents though... especially when they don't do things right and you have to go back. That's too bad. Hopefully her healing will be quick and efficient and won't make the next few weeks too difficult. You are in our prayers!

Sheri and family