Thursday, January 22, 2009


While I'm certainly not complaining about the two weeks of unseasonal spring weather we were enjoying, yesterday a prayer was answered when we finally saw some raindrops. January (our winter) is rainy season. We depend on almost daily rain to saturate the ground and fill up the reservoirs, getting us through all those hot and dry months. Ella's been reminding me to pray for rain and today she woke up excitedly declaring, "God heard and gave us rain!!" Now to be fair, Ella probably has no clue about what our crops and orchards need, she just wanted the appropriate weather for today's Winter Celebration and Umbrella Parade at Preschool. Us parents were invited to come watch the kids march around the block decked out in rain gear. They were pretty cute-- smiling, waving and singing a song about the rain being a gift from God.

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KyleVM said...

Wow -- those are some pretty snazzy umbrellas!