Sunday, January 4, 2009

Frost, Wii and Church Family

Happy New Year! I'm a little bummed that this first blog of 2009 is going to be one of those lame catch-up ones, but such is life this week!
I KNOW you Midwesterners are going to roll your eyes at my amazement over frost, but this is what we woke up to this morning. It's actually kind of rare around here and Ella was glued to the window watching the "snow" melt this morning. I saw my breath when I ran out to take the picture, too!

We had a wonderful New Years and enjoyed lots of time with church family. On New Year's Eve Dave led his as-meaningful-as-it-always-is Old Year's service. After church we headed to a small party at Phil and Jetta's house. Kids were welcome and to our astonishment they all made it to midnight (though we did come prepared for a sleepover)! They were so busy playing they must have been distracted from how tired they were. We were having too much fun to stop and take pictures for the blog, though. Then on January 1 we went to Anna Jean's house for the traditional New Year's Olie Bollen (fried dough balls with raisins). This Dutch tradition is something we had never heard of before we moved here, but enjoy each year with our California VMs. Of course, the late night and lack of naps yielded several days of odd sleep patterns. Again, no post was written because we were too busy sleeping!

So, besides trying to keep warm, partying with friends and catching up on sleep, here's what else we've been doing: Wii! Ella is really into it, she loves to shoot, race cows and fish. Dave and I play some sports every night, though I am too uncoordinated to ever come close to beating him. The Wii fitness tests have determined that I have the strength, balance and stamina of a 49 year old. I am currently looking for a good no-strength/balance/stamina required karaoke game. Though my singing skills are about as good as my athletic ones!

Today was another special day with church family. Dave was honored to baptize Jayci this morning and we are just returning from a little celebration at their house. The kids got all snuggly in Jared's bed to watch a movie, giving us adults a nice long time to fellowship.

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Wicker Family said...

We didn't even attempt to have the kids stay up until midnight so kudos to you!!! My New Year's resolution is to have the VM's over more often and have a Wii party - isn't it amazing how quickly even little ones can catch on to it!)