Monday, June 30, 2008

Wanna See Delia's Invitation?

Tonight we finalized the day and time of Delia's 1st birthday celebration. Dave will be on his service trip for the actual date, so we're going to do her party on the 11th. In our minds, it's a Friday night pizza party at church with just our circle of closest friends, but we're still working out some details. While I won't be mailing each of you an invitation, I thought you'd still like to see a part of it via the blog. If you want to hop a plane and join us, know we'd love to have you!


Quiver Full said...

What a cool invitation! We'll be arriving on Thursday night at 7. Does that work for all of you? Just kidding! Actually, we wish that we could visit the West sometime! It's hard to believe that Delia will be a year already. Doesn't time fly by so fast? Speaking of time flying and Dave have been married 9 years!!! How cool that you can model your wedding dress for your daughter! That's a neat memory that I'm sure she'll never forget!

Still waiting for your email address!!! Talk to you soon!


The Gilmores said...

How fun! We love all the faces of Delia - and especially her bathing beauty photo in Flamingo suit.
Happy Birthday, sweet girl!