Wednesday, June 4, 2008

You Know Her So Well

We've been having so much fun just staying home playing with all Ella's new gifts. Each one of you picked out such a thoughtful gift that was perfect for Ella. Craft kits, kitchen toys, dresses, accessories, gardening toys, princess know how much Ella loves creating, imagining and being girlie. One of the best gifts came from Karen, Chris and the boys. She ordered Ella 4 new dress-up gowns off ebay. These are not just your typical princess dresses, though. They are pageant gowns made and sent from China! I don't even need to describe how much Ella adores these. Yesterday we spoke with Kyle on the phone and he said, "I love how she dresses up for pictures." I replied, "She doesn't dress up for pictures, she is just dressed like that all the time!" I guess her being a princess is so common, I don't even notice anymore if she is wearing a crown to play outside or a pink, sparkly dress to blow out her birthday candles! Pondering this more leads me to a little dress-up flash how many blog pictures is she actually dressed up? Here and here and here and here and here and here, for just a few!

Thank you for the NEW gowns, Karen. We're so happy to integrate some variety into the princess dress-up wardrobe and maybe even retire the old ones!

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Anonymous said...

She is such a pretty princess! I am so glad that she is enjoying them - perfect for all of her performances!! Thank you for sharing pics of her in them - she is absolutely beautiful! love, auntie karen