Sunday, June 15, 2008

Why I Love My Daddy (by Ella)

My daddy knows all my favorite stories and reads them very dramatically.

He plays Pretty Pretty Princess with me (but you'd never know about that since Mommy is forbidden to take pictures of it!).

He makes bath time wild and crazy!

He wrestles with me and taught me how to tackle.

He is my prince. He dances with me and finds me when I leave my shoe behind at midnight.

He never forgets to give me a hug and kiss before he leaves for church.

He is the only one I can actually fall asleep and cuddle with.

My daddy helps me jump on the big ball, which is my favorite thing to do.

His computer has things like "Move It, Move It" on You Tube and the Little People site bookmarked.

I can ride on his feet, swing in his arms and slide down his back.

He not only makes me the best scrambled eggs, he puts me on the counter and lets me help with each part (I especially like mixing them real fast).

He is always singing, and sometimes making up, some goofy song.

Sometimes I get to go in the little house and race cars with Daddy on the TV. I love this!

I often come home with some special treat that wasn't on the list when I run errands with Daddy.

If I ever wake up scared in the middle of the night, he is the one to quickly come and catch the fly or reassure me it's just motorcycles outside my window.

He works very hard to provide for me, Delia and Mommy.

He makes me laugh.

He takes good care of me.

He loves me so much.

He is the best daddy in the world!

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The Gilmores said...

So sweet. I love that this is in Ella's words. So heartfelt. She's definitely that Daddy's Little Princess I hear about in the songs. Happy Father's Day, Dave. You done good!
The Gilmores