Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Dan and Heather

A definite perk to this VM Family Vacation was its close proximity to my sister's house in West Michigan. She was able to come hang out with us at the cottage on several occasions and then we were able to spend a few extra days at her and Dan's home when our vacation was over.

Ever since Ella learned what a convertible was and that Auntie owned one, she has been so excited for a ride. Heather took the girls out for a couple spins around the neighborhood in her Mustang. Ella thought she was the coolest thing in the world.

Dan and Heather were excellent hosts-- patiently enduring our invasion of kid messes in their home, cooking delicious meals and taking us on some adventures. On the 4th of July we played at Timbertown, an excellent wooden park. Then we stopped in at the Dutch Village so Ella could see how the "klompies" (wooden shoes) that Heather gave her and Delia for their birthdays were made.

A kind gentleman showed Ella each of the steps to carving a wooden shoe and even let her take home a block that was partially formed. And Delia's Dutch initiation was complete when she posed in the infamous giant wooden shoe.

Another campfire was built that night and the girls lit sparklers and dressed up in glow-necklaces for our country's birthday. After they went to bed we busted out the graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows and peanut butter (Haven't had peanut butter on a s'more? TRY IT and thank me later!!) and played a couple rounds of bean bag toss.

One of my requests was a walk around Calvin College. It has changed so much in the few (okay ten) years since I was there. I have effectively brainwashed Ella into thinking she's going to Calvin College and I found myself telling her things like, "When I went here we had to run across the Beltline!" or "Back in my day, Kalsbeek Huizenga was not Kalsbeek-Huizenga-van Reken!" or "This humongous new field house has me feeling disoriented! Where am I on campus?!"

Our last day with Dan and Heather was a fun one at the John Ball Zoo. A fun and interactive zoo for the kids, we especially enjoyed the Madagascar exhibit where we were practically in the wombat enclosure. We watched in awe at something I've never seen-- a baby in its mother's pouch. We observed him climbing in and out. It was so cool!

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Wicker Family said...

Again, I'm feeling homesick -- for Michigan, the lake, even John Ball park zoo (which I used to take my niece and nephew too before I had kids myself). What a wonderful vacation!