Friday, July 10, 2009

Splashing in Delia's 2nd Birthday

I may have been a little out of my mind to plan a birthday party for Delia just 2 days after returning from our big vacation, however everything came together perfectly and the party was a huge success. It was obvious the theme had to be water and Shamu. This was really fun to put together. We did black and white tables and place settings, a Shamu cake and whole front yard full of splish-slashin' fun. We had a big borrowed pool with a slide, two wacky sprinklers, a slip 'n slide, a bubble station and even a kiddie pool filled with bubble bath. A little fish craft for the kids was prepared. And we served a taco and nacho bar lunch with fresh fruit to the 25 friends who came. As I watched Delia run up and play with each of her buddies and exclaim, "Mommy! Minnie poo!" (swimming pool) over and over I knew the work was worth it to make our 2 year old baby feel so special!
Going down the slide-- this bigger, borrowed pool was the hit of the party!

The bubble bath pool was a blast too. We liked loading our hands up with suds and trying to catch bubbles being blown from the nearby bubble station.

Peter and Cora try some big bubbles.

Delia and Anika slip down the slide.

Waiting in the slip 'n slide line.

This craft was really cool. The kids used wooden sticks to scratch designs in a top layer of black paint on these fish, revealing a rainbow of colors underneath.

The Shamu cake-- don't be too impressed, it was really easy to make and I'm giving you the slightly blurry shot to mask the flaws!

Black icing, nice.

Diving into those presents. Delia received books, an outfit, a Mr. Potato Head set and a bunch of outside toys like a sprinkling can and sidewalk paint.

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Quiver Full said...

What a great party...I LOVE the theme! That does sound like a ton of fun to plan. I have to say...I love all the pictures with Delia wearing such cute hair bows! Happy 2nd Birthday, Delia!!!