Wednesday, July 8, 2009

VM Vacation 2009

Two weeks ago we embarked on a journey east that we've been looking forward to all year-- The VM Family Vacation. For 7 days we rented a huge cottage on Lake Michigan in South Haven, Michigan. And though currently exhausted, I must say all high expectations of what this time together would be were met and exceeded. Our family of 15 is so remarkable in so many ways. For one thing we are all best friends. For another, each person brings such unique gifts and character traits to the bunch. There is no group of people that I laugh harder with, nor any group of people I feel more comfortable being vulnerable with. I think of the tears I shed during this week-- some from laughing so hard over things so filthy the FCC would shut my blog down if I repeated them, some from our deep book discussion of The Shack and some from our family time of worship and devotion we kicked the week off with. Here are just a few of the highs...
We were so excited to meet and spend time with Baby Cole. This kid is the new star of the family. What a charmer! He never stopped smiling the whole week!
The cousins had a complete blast together. Though ranging in age from 7 to 1, they all got along perfectly and became such good buddies that yesterday's goodbyes were pretty heartbreaking.

Much of the fun happened right in our cottage, playing games, sharing fabulous meals and joking around or romping around on our beach. We made several outings as well, though. One highlight was our Ladies Lunch. Heather was able to join Mom, Karen, Kris, Ella and I for a meal in a nice restaurant followed by some browsing in the adorable little shops of downtown South Haven. Ooh la la, check out these fancy mochas!

We hit the beach every day. The kids jumped waves and flew kites and built sandcastles. Rocks were skipped, walks were taken, kiddos were burried, beach treasures were collected, a football was thrown. It was the very picture of summer vacation. The scent of sunscreen and bug spray and a good amount of sand still lingers in our suitcases.

One day we skipped over to the nearby town of Saugatuk to walk around the marina and do a little window shopping.
Hope you've enjoyed my two week blog silence and are hungry to know what we've been up to because today and tomorrow I will dump all my favorite pictures and memories into a long series of posts. Put the kids down for a nap, get a snack and enjoy! :)


Jonathan's Mom said...

The kids are down for naps-or at least in bed-and I LOVE all the pics! Thanks for sharing! We missed you!

the girard family said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! I've been eager to hear about it and am glad you're home safe and sound.

Much love to all of you!

Wicker Family said...

I just let Mom Wicker entertain the kids, while your blog posts entertained me! We are leaving on Tues for our own version. We will be at Lake of the Ozarks, MO and my home in Morrison. We're looking forward to some great memories as well.