Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Answer to Prayer!

A little over a week ago I shared about the possible new addition to our family through Kris and Eric's adoption. The update tonight is SO encouraging! Yesterday we learned that the birth mom did pick Kris and Eric's profile and requested a meeting with them (this will occur on Wednesday). That is very exciting news by itself, but tonight we learned more. The birth mom's social worker spoke with Kris and Eric and told them these awesome things:
*The birth mom LOVED Kris and Eric's profile and is so excited about them that she wants to share the baby's gender with them.
*The birth dad has already signed away all his rights.
*The birth mom is 19 and her 17 year old sister also just had a baby. The mom said this taught her she is "definitely not ready to have a baby."
*The birth mom is adopted herself, so she is understanding and supportive of the whole process.

So, it is hard for us to not think that this could be it! Your prayers for Kris, Eric, the birth mom and our possible niece or nephew are still coveted. We'll keep updating you, friends!

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Amy said...

Yay, this is soooo exciting!