Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's Wednesday Night and DADDY'S HOME!

I love this time of year, all Dave's youth groups are starting to end and his nights are starting to free up. Wednesday night is high school youth group night-- the ministry that definitely takes the most time. Last week he held his end of the year party, so tonight he was all ours! We celebrated by going out for dinner and then having some super fun family time at home. Enjoy the pics of our happy-to-have-Daddy-home girls...

(Ella took this one, isn't it hilarious?)

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Wicker Family said...

Ah, ministry!!! Nights away from home seem to go with the territory. I don't think that there are many two-year olds who can say "Daddy, day off?" but that is one of Drew's favorites. So, glad you are able to enjoy more of Dave these days.