Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A New Do for a Big Girl!

Tonight was a major milestone for Ella: her first hair cut! She's been growing those long, curly locks of hers for 3 years now. Since it took her so long to even get hair, I never considered cutting it until recently. Every morning we battle tangles and force patience as Ella sits for braids, pig tails, pony tail, etc. Her long curls turned a bit straggly a while ago, so pulling it back is a must, even though my work usually falls out halfway through the day. With her impending 3rd birthday and enrollment in preschool, I decided to let go of my sentimentality about her hair and let her get a big girl style. We went to Becky, a super-nice lady who cuts my hair from her home. We've been describing every detail of this experience to Ella to prevent fear and for days she's been playing beauty salon on dolls and Daddy.

A hair cut for Daddy and a last time to wear braids for Ella.

Goodbye long hair!

Ella was great about sitting still in the chair, looking where she was supposed to and chatting with Becky like a real customer!

Just finished! Now it's time for Mommy (hey, as long as I was there, thought I'd get a quick trim too!). Ella, smarty pants that she is, jumped right in to hold my hand and tell me where to look and what to do.

Modeling the new hairdo and anticipating the ice cream we went to get as a family to celebrate!


Jonathan said...

Ella, you look marvelous!

Anonymous said...

I love the new hair style - she looks so grown up!! What a beautiful young lady. She's growing too fast! Can't wait until we go to have her 3 year old pictures taken. See you on Saturday!

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! That is such a big girl thing to have done-Wow! And, in an interesting "gift of the magi" twist, part of Ellas birthday gift is a bunch of sweet hair clips! :)

You'll get the whole present when Grampa and Grandma come to visit!
Love, Auntie Kris

The Gilmores said...

How fun! She does look quite grown up. We'll miss the curls - we're partial to curls....
Auntie Dorina
P.S. Jen, you look fabulous - so slim & trim!

Quiver Full said...

She looks adorable!!! Dave's hair looks great as well. Ella, keep up the great work!

Love, Nikki