Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our Little Ella is 3!!

Ella's been having a very happy birthday so far. Thanks to all of you who sent gifts and cards! This morning Ella woke up to find balloons and streamers decorating our dining and living rooms. We continued the tradition of opening the presents first thing in the morning in our jammies. Ella wanted to stop and play with/color/read each gift before opening the next. Then we did her cake at lunchtime. It is the "Princess cake!" she quickly requested when I asked her what kind she wanted. Jeff, Amy and Jonathan stopped by to drop off a gift and were able to join us in song and celebration. Right now the little birthday princess is conked out. Tonight we are headed to Ella's favorite place, "The Birdie Restaurant" (Red Robin), for a fun dinner and serenade. Even with all the festivities, having Grandpa and Grandma here is what is making this birthday especially special.

Check out the slide show to the left for pictures of presents, cake and dinner. Double click on the little picture box to view them larger in Picasa.


Gail said...

Happy Birthday, Ella! You are such a big girl. Have lots of fun being 3!
Matt, Gail and Anna

The Gilmores said...

Happy Birthday, Ella! Love the Princess Cake, Jen...And Meilani needed a little extra help on her candles too. ;)

We're sorry we didn't get to celebrate with you this year. Let's take a rain check & meet up in August for Fresno's Storyland!

And look in the mail for your present - a little late since we thought we might see you in person.

Auntie Dorina, Uncle Ericlee & Meilani girl