Friday, February 23, 2007

2(Dave + Ella)

Two (Pastor) Daves and two was a little confusing, but still fun! Our friends Dave and Sarah and their daughter Ella, who are currently serving a chuch in Iowa, are out visiting and today we met up with them for a picnic lunch and lots of play time at the park. Dave and Dave got to know each other well at seminary. Both were are part of the "Dream Team" (a group of 5 guys who excelled at their classes, made serious work lots of fun and somehow won the love of all their professors!) The "Dream Team" and their wives had a great time doing things together outside of school also. We miss this crazy group of friends, but are happy to have stayed connected with Dave and Sarah. They have had a pretty traumatic year. Their Ella was attacked by a dog this summer and lost much of her scalp. She has been on a long road to recovery that has included long surgeries, long stays in hospitals, skin grafts and (in the future) hair growth stimulation. Through it all, they've seen God's hand and give an awesome testimony.

We just discovered another thing in common with them also-- a love of the game Settlers of Catan! So, tonight when the Ellas are sleeping we will reunite for a showdown...

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