Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Party Girl

Today we went to a birthday party. Ella's friend, Annelies, turned 3. The best parts of the party (according to Ella) were the "boon" (balloons), the ice cream, the "brown" (brownies) and the toys for baby dolls. It was just another great opportunity to spend the morning hanging out and having fun with friends (for both Ella and me!). Before the party, I was talking to Ella about saying "Happy Birthday" to Annelies. Here is the sentence she put together in response:

(Clapping hands) "Happy, Boon, Bye-Bye, Birdie, Kiss, Dinner..."

Translation: "Last night, me and Mommy and Daddy went out for dinner at Red Robin. I heard people sing 'Happy Birthday' and they clapped their hands. I got a balloon, but I had to say 'bye-bye' to it this morning. Also, the big mascot bird, Red, came to talk to me and I blew a kiss to him."

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