Friday, February 9, 2007


(David Crowder in concert in Modesto, CA)
Dave here - So, a few weeks ago, I was doing a little bit of Internet time wasting and decided to do some looking for stuff from one of my favorite Christian artists, the David Crowder Band, and was thrilled to see he was going to be very close to us. Long story short, Jen and I are just getting home from seeing him in concert.

We both agree that it was one of the greatest concerts we have been to.
Mainly, it is so cool just to see someone that you like so much. We knew all of the songs that he did. It was in a local and smaller venue that was really easy to get in and out of.

More importantly though, Jen and I were just struck by how it really wasn't a David Crowder concert, but more of a praise service led by David Crowder. It truly was a worshipful moment.

For me, it was one of those times that makes you look forward to heaven. It feels like you are getting just a taste of it here on earth. So many people just pouring their hearts out to God and having a ton of fun praising him together.

Again, to many of you, I will highly recommend 1) David Crowder's book "Praise Habit" A wonderfully humorous and yet deep look at the Psalms, and 2) David Crowder Band's album "A Collision." I use that word album intentionally because I think it is the best put together collections of songs that I have ever heard. Great music, great lyrics and all genuinely to glorify God.

What a fun night!

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