Friday, February 2, 2007

The Random Ella Dictionary

One of my greatest daily joys is listening to Ella's vocabulary develop. It is so delightful to hear her say words for the first time and use words correctly. However what I find even cuter are her special "Ella" words...a language that Dave and I appreciate most because we are the only ones who understand it. Here are my top 10 words/phrases that Ella is currently (mis)pronouncing and their meanings:

10. "PaBoo, Joey, Hey-ya, and Kika"
Definition: (in order) Pastor Bruce, Jared, Helia and Mikaela (3 friends)
9. "Ow-Rio"
Definition: Ariel (as in The Little Mermaid)
8. "Gram-pa"
Definition: The actual Grandpa, as well as Grandma, as well as any older man with little hair (sorry, Dad)
7. "Cloopie"
Definition: Clippie (A clip she wears in her hair)
6. "Cow-Poo"
Definition: Vacuum Cleaner (Don't ask me, this one is the most random)
5. "Chews!"
Definition: Cheers! (And you can do "Chews" with anything...cereal, spoons, noses, boots...)
4. "Petey"
Definition: Pretty (Any accessory that makes you pretty from necklaces to nail polish)
3. "Peez"
Definition: Please (And she's learning that it's the magic word, whenever she uses it she can actually get what she wants!)
2. "Eee-knee"
Definition: Ernie (as in Bert and...)
1. "Ahh-may!"
Definition: Amen (Nothing is sweeter than hearing your child pray, and it is always spoken with enthusiasm!)

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