Sunday, February 11, 2007

Flashback to 1995

Exactly 12 years ago today Dave and I had our first date and our first kiss. After a couple months of liking each other, talking on the phone every night, going out in groups of friends together and even holding hands once, our first date was to Timothy Christian's Homecoming Dance. The dance was at the Katherine Legge Lodge in Hinsdale. Before the dance we went out for a fancy dinner at Kennesy's. After the dance we drove around holding hands and talking about if we were boyfriend/girlfriend. When Dave dropped me off at home we kissed on my front porch. Obviously it was a memorable night!

What is most amazing about this story, though, is the sequel...where we are 12 years later! I was an exuberant girl in these pictures. I was going to an exciting school event with the boy I had a major crush on! I am now pregnant with our second child. Together Dave and I have endured: long-distance in college, death of loved ones, moving 5 times, changes in jobs and the expected trials of a relationship. Together we have celebrated: vacations, the growth of our immediate families, exciting ministries, new friends, raising a family and the joys of the every day routine.

I can get a little nostalgic and emotional (especially now, guess why?) A few weeks ago Dave and I found ourselves sitting in the bleachers of another Christian high school. We were watching their Homecoming game. We saw one of our youth group girls and babysitters march across the floor, a queen potential. We sat with some good friends-- other youth pastors from this area and their families. We wrestled so much with Ella (she wanted to run up and down the stairs and even onto the court!) that we had to leave before that game was done. Sitting there brought my Homecoming of 1995 flooding back to me and it hit me how far we've come.

Tonight we won't be dressing formal (I am wearing only maternity clothes now...they're all that fit!). There won't be a day of anticipation and getting ready, there will be a nap. We won't be going out for fancy dinner, we'll be having left overs. We won't be attending a high school dance, we'll be attending church-- where Dave will be preaching and leading the service. We won't have conversations that will make my stomach flip with happiness, we'll watch the premiere of the Amazing Race. We won't have any late night kisses on our front porch (that would make the dog go crazy and that would wake up the daughter). As wonderful as February 11, 1995 was, I wouldn't trade it for February 11, 2007. That night was special, but our life now is even better.

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Karen said...

I seriously had tears in my eyes, while reading this special blog. Jen, you are such a thoughtful, articulate writer! Congrats on 12 years together!! I am so thankful that you are a part of our family!! I love you guys!!