Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Too Beautiful!

Today we had some special company over and Ella got a taste of what life with a sibling will be like. My friend Jetta is also pregnant and due the same week that we are. She is about twice as big as me now, though, because she is having twins! Today her and her husband Phil went in for a sonogram and her 4 daughters came to play with us for a few hours. Yes, I did say FOUR...her twins will be numbers 5 and 6! Everything on her sonogram is looking great and today they learned that the twins are not identical. Except for some minor jealousy in sharing everything from her baby doll and stroller to her mom's lap, Ella had a great time playing with her friends. Phil and Jetta brought back a special and delicious lunch for all of us to share, so the adults had a good time also.

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