Sunday, February 4, 2007

Video Posts

We have just been experimenting with video and don't have it quite right yet. However, we will keep working on it. For now, enjoy these off-center attempts.

We do know that if you click twice anywhere else on the picture (besides the "play" triangle) it will bring you to You Tube where you can watch it in full screen-- not cut off. We recommend this.

PS If the Bears would have won you'd be enjoying video clips of SNL Superfans and a funny opera version of "Bear Down Chicago Bears" on our site. Dave didn't have the heart to upload them tonight, though :(


grandpa said...

Hi Ella! We have to work on Grandma next. I am so proud of you! Grandpa

Kyle said...

Wow! She is so smart--very articulate. Miss you guys. Keep on bloggin'

-Uncle Kyle