Thursday, February 1, 2007

Are We Officially Computer Geeks Now?

Hello Family and Friends!

Welcome to our brand new Blog! We hope this will become a convenient way to keep in touch with all those we care about...especially those we don't get to talk to on a regular basis. We intend for this site to become a frequently updated page with pictures and journals of Ella and the new baby. Keep us in your Favorites and check back often! We have a few friends who Blog and we have become hooked on their sites. We hope you enjoy! I thought I'd kick off our first Blog with some of my favorite photos from the past 2 years.

Ella's first birthday party at the park. This picture captures cake time and a few of her friends that were there.

The getting overused now vacation've all seen it, but it's still a fave!

A picture of the entire VM family that is actually up-to-date with people (well, until July!)

Our little cottage cheese monster (Ella at about 9 months)

A highlight of 2005...Dan and Heather's wedding. It was beautiful and so cool to have such important roles in it.

That day in May that changed our lives so much! Our first family picture. Dave looks proud, Jen looks tired!

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