Sunday, February 18, 2007

Amazing Race Let Down

One thing we enjoy sharing with our families is a passion for the reality show The Amazing Race. There are different groupings of family that get together to watch it, phone conversations about it and even the occasional Sunday night church service skipped to watch it. Dave and I were so excited when we saw our first glimpse of the All-Star commercial after last season's finale. We thought it would be cool to bypass those first few episodes where you have to learn names and personalities and get right into loving and hating people.

I find myself disappointed after watching tonight's premiere.

Not one of my favorite teams made the All-Stars. There are no clowns, no hippies, no Kris and Jon, no funny brothers (whose names I can't remember...), no Chip and Kim. They seem to have ignored all the teams who were positive and uplifting, who enjoyed the experience more than the million dollar prize, who encouraged each other and were kind to locals. They picked only villains. Maybe this will be better for ratings or maybe that "love-to-hate them" title is more valuable than I realize. I found myself already annoyed and mad at most of the teams and of the two that I could imagine cheering for, one already went home tonight!

We will continue watching the Amazing Race (because we are suckers and can't resist it no matter how lousy it is!), but I will watch it waiting for Kentucky to get lost, Charla and Mirna to have a car break down, Teri and Ian to get injured, Beauty Queens to be backstabbed by friends (although who would be their friend?), too many gay couples to get screwed by locals some how and Eric and Danielle (seriously?) to break up. Evil, I know, but I'm just waiting for bad things to happen to these, in my opinion, bad teams. That will make it an interesting season.

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Kris said...

I remember when the "Real World" did this. At first, there was one crazy drunk who you loved to hate always reeking of drama and fighting with the castmates. Now, that's the only personality on the show! I guess we're all holding high hopes for Joyce and Uchanen. There might not be any night church ditches this season, but sometimes rooting against the bad guy can be fun-and it looks like we'll all have PLENTY of that! Talk again next Sunday.