Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ahhhh, Romance

While most of the big-deal I made out of Valentine's Day was for Ella's benefit, I was still disappointed to find myself totally sick yesterday. I've been battling a typical cold all week, but yesterday after lunch I was hit with blinding sinus headaches and all my muscles feeling sore. Dave, being the awesome husband he is, gave me a taste of real romance by taking Ella out for a few hours and bringing me home some chicken noodle soup. And actually our night was filled with heat-- hot tea, hot compresses on my head and the offer to run a hot bath!

This was not Dave and Ella's first "date." They go out together regularly. A few months ago Dave took just Ella to Chuck E. Cheese where they had a blast.


Jonathan said...

Hi VM family,

I'm so sorry you are sick, Ms. Jen. My mom and I are sick, too, and it's no fun.


auntie karen said...

who knew that a chucky cheese picture could look so cute?!? That's an adorable shot!