Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Cows (and Daughters!) Come From California...

Hi, this is Ella. I am so happy that God made cows! They are some of my favorite animals. Almost everyone we know has cows or trees and this morning we got to visit the cows. (Stay tuned for this weekend, it's Almond Blossom Festival, so there will be lots of tree visiting then...) Daddy has a boy in his Bridge (Jr. High) youth group who broke his arm the same way Mommy did when she was in high school (well, the break was the same, the method was very different. This boy broke it flipping his 4 wheeler off a manure pile!) We went to see how he was doing and bring him some cards and because he lives with over a thousand cows we got to visit them too! I know that a cow says, "Moo!' so I kept trying to talk to them. I saw lots of babies and was able to tell Mom that they came from a "tummy." The cows seemed just as curious about me as I was about them-- they all came wandering over to the fence to see and smell me. I had so much fun. I said, "Bye bye cows!" the entire car ride home.

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