Monday, February 12, 2007

I Love My Playgroup!

Hi everyone, this is Ella again. Today I had the best day...I got to play with some of my good friends. About once a week Mom gets together with her friends to talk and laugh and us kids all get to play together! We go to a different house every time, so there are always new fun toys. We eat lunch together too, so there are always new fun foods! Today was especially fun because we went to Jetta's house where we can play outside with very different stuff than what I have at my house. I have 3 new words after playgroup today: Chicken, Driving and Tractor. You will see what a great time we had from the pictures...

Even though not all the moms and kids could come today, we still had a good time. These are Mom's friends (from l to r): Amy, Mom, Amy and Jetta. Ha ha, Midwest family and friends, do you see the sunny, spring weather we have today?

This was the COOLEST! I got to "drive" the blue Ford tractor!

Kirsi and Annelies hopped on for a ride. We're ready to go plow, or scrape or do whatever tractors are supposed to do!

Here we are eating our delicious lasagna lunch. We all bring something, so it's not too much work for any one person.

My friends who were there (from l to r): Kirsi, me, Annelies, Jonathan, and Jared ("Joey"). Friends who were not in the picture: Helia ("Hey-ya")-- she was too sad.
Friends who were not there: Jacob and Bailey (their mom is having a baby very soon!), Thea (she's at kindergarten) and Mikaela ("Kika") (her mom wanted to have a lunch date with her dad today).

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