Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Birthday, Theoren!

In about an hour and half his time, our nephew Theoren will be ONE year old! Theoren is a great nephew and cousin. He is full of cuddles, smiles and giggles. We are sad to not be in Chicago for his actual first birthday or for his fun Valentine's Birthday Party, but we hope he and his family know how much we love and miss him!

Here are some interesting facts about Theoren: he is the son of Dave's sister, Karen, and brother-in-law, Christopher. He has 2 brothers, Calvin and Aidan. He was baptized by Uncle Dave! He is recovering from a second ear tube surgery and adenoid removal. He is the most content and happy little guy we know. We have only got to visit with him 2 times in his life (which is so hard because, of course, he is constantly changing!)

We hope you have a wonderful birthday, Theoren! We wish you many blessings in your second year of life!!

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Theoren said...

I feel like such a star! Thank you for featuring me in your blog, sending me a cute e-card AND thank you for your super fun b-day gift -- you guys are an AWESOME aunt, uncle and cousin!!!