Saturday, February 10, 2007


This has been a super busy week for Dave! He has been gone every single night this week with youth group and committee meetings, Bible studies and the concert last night. Unfortunately, a busy week means it's a last minute sermon weekend. This does not mean the sermon Dave preaches tomorrow will be anything less than great, but it means he needs to write it today. Even with this big task on his shoulders, Dave wanted to spend some time with Ella and I so he took the morning and afternoon off for a little day trip. So, because he has to write all night, Ella and I decided to make him a special treat-- brownies from scratch. The treat was meant for Dave, but I think Ella may have enjoyed it more!
My super helper-- this is her stool. Whenever I'm making anything in the kitchen she loves to watch. The mixer is especially fascinating.

Yep, Mom's a sucker...I did let her lick the spoon. She's never done this before.

What a happy girl!

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