Thursday, February 22, 2007

Happy Anniversary Kris and Eric!

Kristen (Dave's younger sister) and Eric were married 4 years ago today. I got to stand up in the wedding and Dave got to deliver the message. I have great memories from the whole weekend 4 years ago of all the fun things that go with weddings: the crazy bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, the meaningful ceremony and the dancing at the reception.

We have always thought that Kris and Eric were a perfect match. I can really see how it was God that brought them together. They have much in common including a sense of humor that is completely in sync. Like the rest of the couples in Dave's family, they too both graduated from Timothy Christian (though not in the same class as each other, like the rest of us). Kris and Eric are a lot of fun and we are so happy they have been blessed with a happy marriage. We wish you guys many more years of married joy!

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Kris said...

Dave and Jen! That was so sweet..Thank you! That just brought me such joy! I must say that I do have quite a big face in that bottom picture. Is this what I really look like? Am I big faced? :)