Saturday, February 17, 2007

Shhhh, Daddy's Sleeping

Who says you're old and no fun when you turn 30? Last night Dave stayed up all night! He had a lock-in at church with his high school youth group. The lock-in went well and got pretty good attendance. Dave was, surprisingly, one of only 4 who made it the whole night without sleeping. Highlights of the night included: Liar's Dice, video games on the big screen, Sardines and Hide and Seek. The funniest story to come out of the lock-in was the guy who hid in our church's huge refrigerator during the game. His text messages to the seekers changed in tone from the taunting, "Ha ha, you'll never find me!" to the desperate, "Hurry up-- very uncomfortable and cold!" So all day Dave is going to try to catch up on what he missed last night. Ella and I already went shopping and when she wakes up from a nap we'll play outside to continue giving Dave some peace.

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