Monday, February 26, 2007

The Importance of Accessories

Today has been a pretty normal day. We ate cereal for breakfast, we got ready, we went to Costco, Dave came home for lunch, Ella's down for a nap, I'm tutoring this afternoon...the regular routine. Oh, Ella did completely fall into my bath this morning with her pajamas on, but that one sentence summary is about all that deserves. If it weren't for some fun mail, I would have nothing interesting to blog about! Auntie Kris is the champion of keeping in touch via the post office. She writes Ella (on average) one letter a week. These letters always describe some crazy story or adventure in her present life. They also dispense wisdom and sometimes (like today) even contain goodies! Today we learned about how wearing fun accessories can make a day feel sunny and happy even if it is dreary and the temp is a freezing 1 degree. To help learn this lesson, Ella received a big, fun flower pin and a pack of pretty nail polishes. On a day where we have nothing exciting planned to do and it is cold and raining, this advice was perfectly timed. Thanks Auntie Kris!!

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