Thursday, February 8, 2007

How Does So Much Personality Fit in Such a Little Person?

Thought you may enjoy a little laugh today. Here are some goofy pictures of Ella taken recently and some funny stories that all happened yesterday...

While walking around the Target, Ella offered a piece of her dry cereal (held it out and asked, "ereal?") to every person we passed.

To get her ready for potty training, we have been changing her diapers in the bathroom and letting her watch us empty the contents into the toilet. After watching it swirl away, Ella waved and said, "Bye poop!"

I found Ella sitting in her room reading an animal story to her baby doll. She pointed at a picture and said to her baby, "Doggie, see, arf arf."

After I finished my brownie dessert, Ella took my plate and licked it clean. (Hmmm, wonder where she learned this trick...Lily? Dave? Both answers would be correct!)

She brought me an item and thanked herself by saying, "ink ooo."

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