Tuesday, February 6, 2007

...Followed by a Sad Sunday

Hi everyone, this is Ella. This is supposed to be a family site, so I thought I would tell you about our sad Superbowl Sunday (Mom's account would be boring and I don't think Dad has found words for it yet...) Two very bad things happened on Sunday-- the Bears lost and I got a major ouchie in the nursery at church.
When Mom came to pick me up after the Sunday morning service some people scared her pants off by saying, "Ella had an accident." She rushed into the nursery to find me being held by a kind nursery helper lady (who didn't even care that I got blood all over her nice church clothes!) with a bag of ice on my lip, crying. I was trying to ride in my favorite shopping cart toy and I fell out. When I fell I scraped my chin and bit a good chunk out of my lip. With my red, bloody chin and my fat, swollen lip with a piece of skin hanging off of it, I was really a sight!
And as if that weren't enough trauma for one day, Dad had to watch the Bears defense play it safe and throw the game away. It was a "coaching loss," he says.

Happy at the beginning of the game. Can you see my ouchie?

At least we got to have some fun snacks. Mom made jalapeno poppers, spinach/artichoke dip and veggies and dip. Of course, my motto is, "Why eat the cracker or veggie when you can just (repeatedly) suck off the dip?"

Okay, I get that it's the Superbowl, but to watch TV for hours and never once see Bob the Tomato, Ariel or any of the Cars...I had enough! Finally I got to watch Ariel in my room.

My chin and lip are looking much better already and Mom and Dad found a cool site to watch all the funny commercials on. You should check it out...
Mom's favorite was the Nationwide Kevin Federline commercial and Dad liked the Careerbuilders commercials.

Hope your Sunday was better than mine! Love, Ella

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Jonathan said...

Hi Ella,

My mom liked the Kevin Federline commercial, too, but nobody else in the room "got it." I, of course, missed part of the TV watching due to a nap. (I agree, Cars would have been much better.)

See you soon!